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SEO, Search Engines, Rich Snippets, Web Cards... all seem to add endless zeros to your quote. Getting online can be a bit of a minefield.  Got to have this.  Got to be registered with that!

Fancy offices, prestige marques and tailored suits all make for a great image but they come at a significant cost.  Who pays for that? It could be you!!

Practical workspace and individuals who know their craft is a better option.  Your online offer should come with all the passion you have for your business without running your capital into the ground.

I contract specialists who I know to be industry experts in their given field, but only if that individual is needed for the task at hand.  Don't risk your capital for an unknown quantity.

About Me

I have been involved in programming since the mid 1980's and have remained at the forefront since. I don't think it's right that large agencies bamboozle people with jargon in order to enhance their profits. I believe it is far better to guide people through the quagmire and allow them to see true cost and decide what, if anything, they can self manage and what they want to outsource.


My Work

A small selection of my handy work.


Web Development
Easy to use websites that you control. Quick and simple e-commerce solutions fit for any business. Or maybe you just need people to know where you are.
Complete SEO
Your business needs to be found. Other agencies heavily milk this fact and charge over the odds. With current web standards and smart copywriting I'll make your business present in your marketplace.
Beautiful Design
You want people to visit and then talk about your online offer for the right reasons. With smooth design and relevant content I'll make sure that the case. Clever features that will have you clients wanting more.


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